Transforming Membership and Fees Management with Digital Innovation

Do you have headaches managing your members and fees?

MyMIKA is coming soon to help you solve your problems in managing your members and fees. MyMIKA helps to automate recurring bills, allow online payments, automate receipts generation, managing members more effectively and efficiently, and more!

Are you facing the following problems?

Too Much Time Spent in Managing Fees and Manually Generate Bills Every Month

Do you spend too much time managing fees and generating bills manually every month for your organisation's fees and sending them to your members?

automated attendance reporting
automated attendance reporting

Inconsistent Fees Collection and Low Collection Rate

Some members may forgot to pay their fees. Some members need to be reminded in order to pay their outstanding fees. You may not be able to continuously followup with them to ensure that their fees are paid on time. Issues in collection may impact your organisation and the services that you offer.

Incorrect and No Real-Time Reports

When managing members and fees manually, you need to wait to get reports from your staffs or committee members, which may take days or even weeks to prepare. Manual reports preparation may also subject to human errors.

automated attendance reporting
automated attendance reporting

Outdated Members Data

Members always change their information. They changed their phone number, they changed their e-mail, they moved to a new house, they have new family members etc. You need to update their data to make sure the database is correct. Without using a membership management system, this manual work will take a lot of time of your staff or committee members. In the extreme cases, the members database is totally not updated, which is detrimental to your organisation.

Let MyMIKA help solve your headaches today!

We aim to help you to manage your members and fees management effectively and efficiently - no matter from which organisation you are from. Let us help you manage your members and fees, so that you can focus on your organisation's core objectives.

  • Automated Recurring Invoices

    The system will automatically generate invoices based on the billing frequency and send them to your members via email and SMS.

  • Automated Reminders

    No payment yet? No problem. MyMIKA will send out reminders automatically via email and SMS based on the frequencies that you set. (Additional charges may apply)

  • Make it Easy to Pay

    MyMIKA makes it easy for your members to pay their fees online via MyMIKA, and the system will automatically generate receipts - all while you're asleep!

  • Advance Payments

    Do you have members that like to pay in advance such as few months or even 1 year in advance? No problem. MyMika can handle that for you.

  • Members Portal

    With MyMIKA, your members can login to their Members Portal from anywhere they are to view their invoices, receipts, announcements, update their information, and more!

  • Automated Dashboards and Reports

    MyMIKA will automatically generate the reports that you need to manage your members and fees, and also the dashboards for you!

Are you interested to use MyMIKA?

MyMIKA is coming soon to you. If you are interested to use MyMIKA, register your interest now by filling in the form below and get updates on MyMIKA via your email. We will open special promotions for early signups!