The integrated design means that all your masjid and surau operations are integrated efficiently.
Manage your organisation operations efficiently
Get the maximum benefit from an integrated system to manage your organisation using digitalisation technology.
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"Your success
integrates the accounting reports, payment gateway and information is available in one easy to use system

Thank you to our Corporate Sponsors

MyMika is a sophisticated application that helps NGOs and similar organisations to manage their organisation using ICT technology. Other organisations that use MyMika include Resident Associations, Parent Teacher Association, School Koop, School clubs, Property management, Alumni Association, Foundations, Social Organisations and others.

MyMika is also an application that will help micro entrepreneurs ( Micro SME) to manage their operation using ICT including using mobile for data entry and reporting.

If you have a community of micro enterprises that you take care of, or certain NGOs that you are taking care of, you can become corporate sponsor to help fund the cost of the server and services for their use.

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Why should you become MyMIKA Corporate Sponsor?

Support micro entrepreneurs and NGO digital transformation

Corporate Sponsor can support micro entrepreneurs and NGOs to transform the management of their operations using digital technology.

Brand Image

Corporate Sponsors have the opportunity to be one of the driving forces behind the modernization and digitization of micro entrepreneurs and NGOs activities in Malaysia and around the world. This will help to improve the corporate sponsor's global brand image.

Great Public Relations Image

When the members access MyMika, the logo and chosen image of the Corporate Sponsor will be visible to the members that the Corporate Sponsor sponsors. This will help the Corporate Sponsor establish a positive public image with the sponsored NGOs and their members or the micro entrepreneurs.

Direct Access to Qariah Members

Corporate Partner can have direct access to give messages/introduce products to NGO members.

Increased Exposure and Potential Revenue

You will have more exposure to the NGO members if you sponsor the NGO to use MyMika. This can also help with your marketing and corporate social responsibility efforts, as well as potentially increasing your revenue.

Bank Corporate Partner

Bank Corporate Partner can encourage micro entrepreneurs and NGOs to use Partner Bank account for their transactions.

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Quote From


The Prophet Muhammad said: "None of you truly believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself."

Bukhari Chapter 59, hadith 540

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